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Dakota Horsewood


Dakota is a chef with Horsewood Catering. He is the 4th generation in the Horsewood clan, with plans to be the Chef alongside his sister. Dakota grew up in a kitchen with his dad, whether it was standing on crates and stuffing rattlesnakes in Arizona, or burning his hands on sheet pans at Emilio's, Aaron kept him busy. He got his first “real” job at 13 prepping and dishwashing, and worked his way around the front of the house eventually finding himself where he belonged back in the kitchen. He has worked with his parents since they opened Horsewood Catering, and continues to absorb the knowledge brought forth from his dad. Over the last year he has started to slowly take over day to day operations in the kitchen and looks forward to seeing you at your next event! 

If Dakota is not in the kitchen he is with his daughter and wife. He loves music and alongside the rest of the Horsewoods, is trying to get to every concert possible. You can also find him either coaching, talking, playing, or watching football!